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Words of Wisdom from a Patient

Now, it’s no secret that sometimes our kids on the spectrum sometimes see the world in a special way, and we just had to share the email we received from one of our moms.

In December, W thought it was important to share Dr. Jerry’s words of wisdom with his siblings and would often start off a sentence with “Dr. Jerry is wise and says . . .” so we started writing them down.  According to W, “Dr. Jerry is wise and says . . .

1. put salt on food (eats Pink Salt on his food)
2. don’t eat too much salt or pepper
3. don’t eat playdoh
4. don’t go out window
5. don’t go in the street, going in the street is unwise
6.  look for cars when crossing the street
7.  eat all your protein
8.  take all your medicine
9.  can’t go in somebody else’s car
10.  don’t put gum in hair
11.  can’t eat cold food (meaning uncooked frozen chicken).”

and my favorite “Dr. Jerry says you can’t eat poop”.

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