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Let’s Talk About…Allergies

Another big issue I deal with in our clinic is allergies.  So, let’s start out with a very brief and simple explanation of what an allergy is.  An allergy is an immune system response to some “thing” that causes an inflammatory reaction.  Most people are familiar with many of these reactions.  The reactions include itchy irritated eyes, nasal congestion/sneezing/itching, post nasal drip, and a scratchy, itchy, irritated throat.  More significant allergic responses include eczema, asthma, and hives.  The most severe allergic response is termed anaphylactic shock, where the airways swell shut and breathing is no longer possible.
What I commonly see in my clinic in my patients with allergies:
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Let’s Talk About…Autism

Let’s start out with a basic definition of Autism….my definition! Autism can be considered the mismanagement of incoming information and stimuli. The more mismanaged the information and stimuli, the more severe we consider the individual with Autism.

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Let’s Talk about Stools…

Stools are normally composed of water, bacteria, fiber, mucous, fat, dead cells, protein, and the remains of food not absorbed by the small intestines.  One can examine the stools and get a pretty good idea of just how well the digestive process is going – or not going.  In times past, pediatricians would wear bow ties to avoid soiling their regular ties during the examination of ill children’s stools. Just try getting your pediatrician to look at your child’s stool today, bow tie or not!

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Let’s Talk About…Sleep

The majority of children I see initially in my clinic are having tremendous difficulties with sleep.  These sleep disturbances can manifest in many different ways:
•    Not able to settle for sleep
•    Not able to fall asleep until very late
•    Goes to sleep well, but wakes up in the middle of the night and is up for the next 18 hour
•    Cat naps, 20min at time

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Dairy Code Names

This list contains many of the “code names” that dairy may appear under in the foods you are eating.