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Interview on It’s On with Zack

  • By: David Kartzinel
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Hi Everyone!  Happy 4th of July weekend!

We’ve got something a little unusual for you this week, a special interview with Zack Gonzalez.  We think you’ll really enjoy it.

See you next week!

The Boy Who Wore a Disguise

This past week I lost a very dear friend.  He has passed away.  I have had the honor to grow with him and his family over the past 10 years.  He had a very kind, gentle personality and he was very loving, especially to his mother.  But, the world refused to see him that way.  At times it was hard for me to see him that  way, and, I know, sometimes it was even challenging for his family to see him that way.  You see, he wore a disguise.  We call this “disguise” autism [see note].

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Let’s Talk About…Methylation, Glutathione, and Vitamin B12

The Methylation Pathway seems to be linked to many chronic diseases, including the autism that many children are diagnosed with.  A “pathway” merely describes a factory that produces a product.  The Methylation factory produces glutathione similar to the way a Ford Factory produces pick up trucks.  Just like a truck factory requiring numerous steps to produce a finished product, the Methylation factory has lots of steps required before producing the finished product: glutathione.
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